Student Life

You will be stationed in one of the three dynamic, lively, and colourful city campuses, as a student at CECOS College. To ensure that you get the most out of your stay here, our campuses are packed with amenities and services.

The College welcomes applications from all prospective students and aims to provide appropriate services to students with learning support needs or disabilities. This is facilitated by the provision of general information to prospective students designed to be accessible and socially inclusive.

Fairness and equality is also promoted through the admission process whereby lifelong and experiential learning and continuous professional development are appropriately recognised and rewarded in terms of entry requirements and academic credit.

The College ensures equality of opportunity in recruitment and selection procedures by making available appropriate support during the application process including opportunities for students to visit their intended learning environments and/or discuss their particular needs with staff.







Student Support

CECOS is a friendly, open and inclusive college and we are proud of the learning support we offer.

We encourage all students to disclose learning difficulties and disabilities so that we can openly discuss these with your tutors and assist you in the best possible way. We also deliver workshops, study materials and personal support to maximise your potential to become an active, engaged and independent learner.

Diverse and inclusive

Students from all walks of life studying in a diverse and inclusive enviroment.

Careers &

Our experienced teachers have substantial real-life business knowledge, which is invaluable in coaching and mentoring students to further enhance their employability. Based on actual case studies and business issues, our courses are built on attributes valued by employers in the real world, such as communication skills, decision making, teamwork and problem solving. This can equip you with the insights and capabilities you need to work in many different areas of business.

Student Enrichment

Enrichment is sometimes referred to as Extra-Curricular Activities – in other words, things that you do outside of your classroom lessons such as Sports, Clubs & Societies, Volunteering and Short Courses.

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