How to Apply

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We strive to make the application process as simple as possible at CECOS College. From the first point of contact to enrollment, it is our goal to make each step of the application process obvious to potential students. We also want to give you all the assistance, support, and guidance you need to successfully apply to and enrol in our courses.

  1. Step One: Initial Consultation (IAG)
  2. Step Two: English Language Requirements
  3. Step Three: Making your Application
  4. Step Four: Academic Interview
  5. Step Five: Applying for Student Finance



Initial Consultation with CECOS College

  • Following your enquiry, one of our applicant counsellors will invite you to a meeting.
  • Our team will welcome you when you get to campus and register you.
  • We will create your applicant file, make copies of your ID, and other supporting documentation.
  • One of our advisors will meet with you to go over your course of interest and credentials.
  • Within 48 hours following your consultation, if you meet our minimum admission requirements, you will receive an email with an Offer in Principle. This should be finished within an hour.


English Language Requirements

  • You must pass our English language screening test if you lack certification that shows you have the necessary level of English ability.
  • You will be evaluated under supervision on your reading, writing, speaking, and listening abilities.
  • You might need to take pre-sessional lessons and take a final English exam in order to enrol in chosen course.
  • You will be excluded from this step if you have a recognised English qualification.
  • It takes about 90 minutes to finish the basic English evaluation.


Application Form

It’s time to apply once you have met the minimum entry criteria including English language proficiency. 

  • You’ll have to fill out an online application.
  • You can complete your application and handle this process with the aid of our support staff

Application processing can take anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes, depending on your level of preparation.


Academic Interview

Once you have submitted your application for the course of your choice, a member of our admissions staff will check it to make sure it has been fully completed and that you are eligible to enrol in the course.

In the event that your application meets the entry criteria, you will receive an invitation to a web interview with a member of our academic team. These academic interviews typically last around 30 minutes and are used to evaluate the following:

  • Your educational and/or professional history
  • Your knowledge of and readiness for the course
  • Your knowledge of the topic, the industry, and the relevant careers

We conduct interviews with every applicant who satisfies our entry requirements as part of our quality process.

If you are applying through the Standard Entry route (Academic Achievement), the interviewer will want to ask you about your educational background and how the course will help you further your professional or career progression. 


Applying for Student Finance

You must submit a financing application once steps one through four have been completed.

  • You can contact our Student Finance staff by phone or email for assistance with your funding application.
  • You’ll get a letter from Student Finance England confirming this after it’s been accepted.
  • You cannot begin your studies with us until you have secured your student funding.
  • Visit to submit an application for financial aid through Student Finance England.

Applications for student financial aid can be completed in around 30 minutes (depending on complexity).

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