Careers and Employability

Your Learning

Our experienced teachers have substantial real-life business knowledge, which is invaluable in coaching and mentoring students to further enhance their employability. Based on actual case studies and business issues, our courses are built on attributes valued by employers in the real world, such as communication skills, decision making, teamwork and problem solving. This can equip you with the insights and capabilities you need to work in many different areas of business.

Our Support

We focus on delivering courses that can enhance your career prospects. From vocational courses to career opportunities with local businesses, your studies at CECOS College London will have employability at their core. This includes a comprehensive range of support services, pastoral support, careers advice and job search assistance, all designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to meet your career or higher education aspirations

Enhancing opportunities

By focusing on the skills most valued by employers, our courses enable you to:

  • Develop key business knowledge and skill sets
  • Train for specific in-demand job opportunities
  • Enhance your career prospects
  • Progress to a higher qualification

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