Stakeholder Testimonials

Hear what some of our stakeholders have to say about CECOS.

Wac Arts

– Hayley Butler – Wacarts College

CECOS London College made our students feel very comfortable and at ease with the learning process and gave them confidence in their abilities of gaining a qualification. Having the facility of on-site training through assessment as well as coursework has been fantastic as it has not impacted in terms of extra time out to participate in classes. The trainer was efficient and being able to do this on placement where support is always in place made this achievable. It has also been of great assistance to have the extra training in place to continue professional development amongst the teams, increasing knowledge and enabling debate around some of the issues we face. We would really like some further opportunities if they are available from September onwards.”

Alwyne Estates

– James Elliott

“In todays competitive market place huge emphasis is placed on the individual in terms of continuing their professional development. CECOS College London offer a number of courses which allow you strengthen your knowledge base and improve your people skills and as such helps you to develop these important skills which will help you succeed along your choosen career path.The College promotes flexible learning which was equally important to me as it allowed me to meet my responsibilities at work whilst studying and working toward the end qualification. I found the learning material quite helpful and coupled with the techniques and suggestions promoted by CECOS I found it prompted me to step back from the sometimes very busy working schedule and to look at how I carry out my affairs as a whole which in the long run made me more efficient. All in all I was very impressed with the College and will certainly be en-rolling on another course in the near future.”

Nelson College London

– Taiiana Russell

“While studying with CECOS towards the NVQ Level 3 – Customer Service and by combining my own work experience, I grew professionally and as an individual. The course provided a mixture of theory and some very useful practical exercises. I have learnt about lesson planning and the importance of being well organised. Studying while working, gave me freedom and control over what I had to do. I was especially pleased to learn about better approaches when dealing with unhappy customers as well as responsibility that I have while working with vulnerable adults. My personal assessor was very thorough and professional in his approach. He went out of his way to help me including sending extra information by e-mail. He kept me motivated and found the best way for me to do my assignments. My assessor challenged me on my weakest point, and now I can speak in front of a big group of people with confidence. He was patient enough and helped me overcome my fears of speaking in public. I found everybody at CECOS approachable, open and kind, and overall it has been a great experience. Thank you.”

Knowledgems Day Nursery

– Charlotte Patel

“CECOS College is brilliant to work with. They have been very supportive of the apprentices we take on, offering lots of opportunities to young people and they continue to recruit for us and give the apprentices high quality of training, thank you for everything.” Knowledgems Nursery has been established since 2015 and operate from the heart of East London and Essex. They promote a friendly environment for the children to learn and play in, and teach them to respect each other as well as themselves, whilst having fun at the same time. As an employer, the company has a professional approach towards learning and development. The management team is highly qualified with BA (Hons) degrees and Early Years Foundation Status amongst their qualifications. They have been working with CECOS College for over two years, during which they have recruited over 20 apprentices. They have taken on apprentices in the Children and Young People’s Workforce framework ensuring all their staff are fully trained.


– A Gulibanu

“We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of training in team leading and customer service. The assessor made the whole learning process memorable and most interesting. As a result of the training, both the capacity and creativity of my staff has really accelerated to a much higher level.”

Bakers + Baristas

– Andrada Borha

“I would like to express my thanks towards CECOS for conducting funded training in customer service. I am very satisfied with the Initial advice and guidance given by the assessors and the professional way in which the training has been conducted. I have also seen my staff feeling more motivated and effectively using the knowledge gained in their day to day work.”

London Churchill College

– Rahaman Hasan

“From registration to completion all the steps of our training programme under CECOS were very smooth. The assessor was flexible and approachable for advice and guidance for the successful completion of the programme attended.”

Jamaica Blue Chelmsford

– Patrick McLeavy

“At Jamaica Blue, Chelmsford, We have used CECOS College on many occasions for our training needs and this has made our output in the restaurant improve as I have noticed my staff to be motivated and be able to deal with the public in busy periods. Thank you CECOS for helping us in our business journey.”

Accountax Consultants UK​

– Ghafoor Ahmed

“We have been very satisfied with the quality of training conducted by CECOS. The assessors were very knowledgeable and efficient, and have been instrumental towards the successful training. The support provided by the management throughout has also been very useful. We feel that our staff members have learnt a lot and are now effectively implementing the knowledge in their day to day work. It has been a great experience with CECOS.”


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