Student Testimonials

Since 1998, CECOS College London has been recognised as a prestigious name and offers its students an educational experience. 

This course has helped me to improve my English language skills. I have practiced my speaking and listening skills with the teacher and my classmates. I have learned how to use the different tenses in conversations and have improved my writing skills.

Adrian Cheptene


The English lessons have helped me to speak more correctly. They have given me the courage to speak in front of people and to speak more fluently. I have learned new rules which are helping me to improve my English every day.

Alexandra Lungu


I enjoyed the lessons. I appreciate the fact that we discuss different topics during the lesson which helps us to improve our speaking and listening. The teacher speaks very clearly and slowly and explains everything really well. I think this course has greatly improved my speaking, understanding and writing English.

Arta Hasa


When I signed up for the course I did not know if I would be able to improve my English. The teacher really helped me to break through the language barrier. I learned a lot about spelling and pronunciation and the rules of communication. I would like to continue my studies with the same welcoming teachers.

Kremena Chorbadzhieva


I would advice students that are thinking about joining CECOS that their rules are very strict about attendance, and submitting your assignments. That is why their standard is high. Some colleges may not be so strict but they will not get the best out of you. If you really want to excel and improve yourself and learn to the best of your ability I would recommend CECOS college.

Alia Khan


All teachers and other staff are very friendly and helpful. I would advise other students that if they want to be in a friendly environment, then I recommend them to choose CECOS college. I have made good friends here who are always supportive. CECOS College has helped me with my confidence graciously and professors always bring the best out of the students.

Nikolina Borisova Hristeva


I am very pleased with the English course. I have learned many new things and have improved my reading, writing and speaking.

Petar Indzhov


The assistance given to us all, makes the college feel like home. CECOS college have a good equal opportunity feel to it and makes the environment here really nice

Patrick Itshary


I have been studying functional skills at CECOS. My English was at intermediate level but after completing the course I feel that I have really improved my skills. I am able to make CV’s and personal statements for my self. Thank you CECOS and specially my tutor for the help.

Wajeeha Fakhri


I like best about the college is Transparency! It is the best choice somebody can take. I chose to study at CECOS college because of the quality and reputation. My friend referred me. It was the best leap I had taken. For a long time I was looking for something like this and I am happy.

Megan Conway


I like the people here, especially the teachers, they are very friendly and ready to help us with everything. I have never felt this support and friendship from teachers from my last college. It is a really nice feeling and makes the journey enjoyable.

Tania Sultana


All the staff is positive and helpful and makes me very positive. I feel like I can walk into CECOS in a good mood every lesson and always leave with a smile. The way the staff is so welcoming and happy to help with any issues I may have.

Nedzhivan Rasim


I like the CECOS team – all of the teachers and the administration. To people that would like to join I would say to be brave, stubborn and be prepared for learning hard. I was very nervous getting back into education after so many years but CECOS helped with that transition.

Ahmed Ahmed


I liked the management of the course and met very friendly people at the college. I thought that the course was really well planned out and the lecturers are always interesting and make it enjoyable. I have never had such a good time whilst learning.

Rupi Hossain


I really like the environment, the lecturers, the staff. I feel like we are a family. I say this because I have had the support from everyone at CECOS college and they have been so friendly and helpful.

Naim Alpay


I really like the people who i am studying with, the lecturers and the team which supports us in our development. It helped me to improve my spoken English and i think i am becoming more confident and more disciplined with my studies.

Mariya Barzilova


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