Working in conjunction with colleagues from across the college, the Admissions department is responsible for the administrative management and processing of applications.

If you choose to apply to CECOS College, you will have the opportunity to explore courses to create your own special academic route.

We understand that the application process may appear difficult; picking the best higher education or further education programme is a crucial choice. When you are ready to make a decision that will significantly impact your intellectual and artistic potential, our admissions team is here to assist you.

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We are growing, aside our international presence, we have a total of 5 campuses in the United Kingdom and growing. Our home campus being in the heart of North London. Learn more about our campuses by clicking view all campuses.

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Financial Aid

Tuition fees and living costs can seem like a huge burden to take on when thinking about studying at higher level. However, the government has schemes in place to help you achieve your education goals. Student Finance England is a government agency that can provide you with a tuition fee loan, maintenance loan and other financial support, as long as you are aged over 18 years and are a UK citizen or have a right of abode in the UK. All students have to demonstrate that they meet the eligibility criteria, but do not worry, our friendly and experience team at CECOS are happy to provide help and advice.

FAQs about CECOS Admissions

We do not conduct interviews on evenings or weekends, but we will do our best to find a suitable time during the week.

We will be in touch with an interview date with 7 working days of you submitting you application.

Be sure to check your junk mailbox as some email providers push our emails to the junk folder.

You can apply for all our courses if you would like to.

At the  moment, the majority of our interviews are being conducted online. If you are invited to the College, it is advised that you come alone, or with someone who will need to wait whilst you have your interview.

If you have been accepted you may receive an indication at the interview and will receive an offer via email. All offers are subject to the entry criteria being met as shown on our website.

If you’ve applied for the same course at the same time and haven’t heard anything within 7 working days you should contact the Admissions Team. If you’ve applied for different course to your friend and it’s within the 7 working days window we could be arranging one for you. It’s also advised that you check your junk mail folder just in case.

All entry requirements are available as part of the course information in the College website.

You can apply via the CECOS College website or you can collect a paper application form from any one of our College campuses and send it back or drop it back in to the College.

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Don't be afraid to ask questions if you have any doubts or concerns. Use one of our many avenues to reach out to us right now.