Remote Education Offers

If as a student you need to self-isolate or local restrictions require you to remain at home, then the following delivery model will be on offer.

Online Enrolment:
We continue to recruit students with our virtual admissions system as we have done since the pandemic started in 20/21. We have devised a robust 3 step online process in order to ensure that at the enrolment stage the learner is given IAG and enrolled in a virtual campus. When students are signposted to our admissions team we ensure that all documents have been uploaded and that the information is mirrored to the online form that they have completed. The student then completes our English and Math initial and diagnostic assessment under the normal exam conditions, which are monitored in the virtual campus. The final step is a one to one IAG interview via ‘Google Hangout Meet’ which not only gives an excellent indication of the applicants academic levels but gives the college the opportunity to provide that personal touch with the video link set up.

Teaching & Learning during Covid-19:
We have on offer 3 different models of teaching delivery during Covid-19:

  1. We have adopted a blended learning approach with students attending 50% of the time in the campus and the other 50% with online lessons so we can maintain social distancing. The lessons are carried out online using the Zoom platform, which will be plugged in with our Moodle system.
  2. 100% online lessons using Zoom.
  3. ‘Safe Six Training’ – Training is conducted face to face with the learners being in a bubble of six throughout the course, this gives the opportunity for learners who need face to face learning to be able to learn.

The above are measures that have now been in place for 3 months and have proved extremely successful with students who have all commented on the support that has been provided and the quality of lessons which has maintained the learner experience. During Lockdown 3.0 we will be moving towards a 100% virtual model and this is something all the learners are happy with.

Student Support Centre:
Our student support team has been available both by telephone and online for students from 0900-2100. We have already helped many students who simply require someone to talk to during the pandemic.

Student Wellbeing Activities:
The Principal is holding a virtual open house meeting with all the students every Thursday at 1pm, with normally around 30 students attending, alongside social events such as on-line Zumba classes and quiz nights. We have set up a daily coffee and lunch meet up which allows students and staff to meet up online and talk to each other, this we feel helps with social anxiety and helps people to keep in touch with each other.

Covid-19 One Stop Shop:
CECOS College has developed an on-line one stop shop for Covid-19 to assist students overcome the challenges of lockdown by providing wellbeing support and practical information.

Covid-19 Compliance Officer:
We have a dedicated Covid-19 officer which learners can contact for advice and guidance around the pandemic especially around compliance with the ever changing government guidelines.

Monitoring of Attendance:
Attendance will be monitored online with our virtual platform generating reports when a student enters and leaves the classroom. Any non attendance will be dealt with accordingly to our normal practices in line with our attendance policy.

Learner Feedback:
With the student experience being the most crucial aspect for us, students input is a must and has been incorporated whilst undertaking online teaching. The end of semester feedback will be collected through online Google form and will be compiled. The compiled data will be fed into different committees. Further, student council meetings will be convened online where feedback will be used to highlight important changes.