Peshawar Office

About Our Peshawar Team

The Peshawar team works closely with the college and provides us with robust support across various tasks. Currently, we are proud to have a diverse team of 15+ staff members, including both male and female individuals.  
Our team operates from the vibrant premises of CECOS University (located at F-5, Phase 6, Hayatabad, Peshawar).


We are currently hiring for the following roles in our Peshawar Team:
– Academic Executive (Business/Management degree)
– Academic Executive (English degree or exemplary English skills)
– Academic Executive (Any background)
– Digital Marketing Specialist
– Operations Manager

All candidates must have strong written English skills and good basic IT skills.



To apply, you need to send us the following documents:
1) CV
2) Application form
3) Short Video Introduction: Record a short 1-minute video introducing yourself, highlighting your academic, professional, and work experience.
All three pieces mentioned above must be submitted as incomplete applications will not be processed.
Complete your application form here by the deadline: Sunday, 16th June, 2024.

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Our Team

Dr. Mudassir Tanveer

Managing Director

Chris McLean


Hariss Pervez

Director of Further Education

Rakesh Sonigra

HE Operations Director

Muhammad Ismail

Head of Higher Education

Sarah Nicolaou​

MIS Manager​

Beverly Ball​

West Yorkshire AEB Manager

Mandy Hobart

Director of Quality

Richard Corley​

West Midlands AEB Manager

Marlon Mason​

Further Education & GLA Manager

Staff Testimonials


Don't be afraid to ask questions if you have any doubts or concerns. Use one of our many avenues to reach out to us right now.