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Lifelong Learning UK (LLUK) have developed the Level 3 Award in Education & Training as a result of the New Overarching Professional Standards for Teachers, Tutors & Trainers working in the Lifelong Learning Sector.

This Award is designed for those entering the teaching profession in the Lifelong Learning Sector or for anyone required to obtain recognised teaching status as defined in the Lifelong Learning Sector’s New Overarching Professional Standards for Teachers, Tutors & Trainers. If you provide funded Work-Based Learning (WBL) as a trainer, you may also need to obtain the Level 3 Award to fulfil your funding requirements.

Content of Programme

This Level 3 qualification is designed to provide all participants with the knowledge, necessary skills, and understanding to teach in the Lifelong Learning sector.

The goals and objectives of this programme are to help participants:

  • Comprehend the responsibilities, relationships and roles in lifelong learning
  • Learn appropriate learning and teaching approaches within a specialised area
  • Grasp the meaning of inclusive teaching and learning in lifelong learning
  • Know how to plan, execute and assess a micro-teaching session
  • Understand the assessment principles in lifelong learning

Requirements to Enrol

The Level 3 qualification is appropriate for all those planning on becoming teachers in the lifelong learning sector. It is also for those who need to gain recognised teaching status as described in Lifelong Learning Sector’s New Overarching Professional Standards for Teachers, Tutors & Trainers.

There are no specific entry requirements for the programme. However, those applying should be qualified or have experience in the subject matter they plan on teaching.

Practical Assessment

During the course, participants will be required to produce a portfolio containing evidence to establish that they have met the learning requirements of the qualification. This will include theory as well as practical assessment. Practical assessment will consist of a single 15-minute micro-teaching session to be delivered in conjunction with the programme, with feedback being given by both tutors and peers.


Once this qualification is completed, graduates may progress to DET or enrol on PGCE at a University.


Free (Fully funded)

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