Advisory Board

Dr Mudassir Tanveer

Dr Mudassir Tanveer has worked in a diverse range of senior roles in the business and public sectors. Committed to making a positive difference to the lives of others, he has worked nationally and regionally, led the integration of public services and worked closely with the commercial and third sectors and with local politicians. Dr Tanveer is also a serving board member of a medical charity which helps thousands of underprivileged individuals. He obtained his MBBS from Khyber Medical College in Pakistan before going on to achieve an MSc in Public Health from Queen Mary and City University in London. He has been the Managing Director of CECOS College London since 2003. In addition, he is the owner of several childcare establishments and day nurseries as well as a part of CECOS University overseas, the university is proud to have 35,000 plus alumni of which many now work in leading firms across the globe.

Prof. Mark Mabey

Professor Mabey has spent the past 30 years working in the UK Higher Education sector. He initially worked as a medical microbiologist lecturing at Manchester Polytechnic and then at the University of Wolverhampton as Head of Applied Biology. He then moved for 6 years as Assistant Director of Higher Education at KPMG leading national and international consultancy assignments. For 7 years, he was the Director of Educational Partnerships at De Montfort University. Most recently, he was the Principal of a large Alternative Provider HE Institution in Central London forming a partnership with the University of Derby growing from 250 FTE to 1700 in 2017. During this period he was appointed by the QAA as a Review Coordinator for seven years.

Mr David Orford

Mr David Orford joined CECOS College London in October 2018 as a Quality Consultant. He has previously been employed by University of Wales Newport, in the role of Associate Dean of Newport Business School. As an Associate Dean he has spent time in China, Malaysia, Egypt and Hong Kong to ensure University of Wales degrees offered in those countries were of the same standard as those offered in the UK.

David has continued his quality assurance activates as a QAA Reviewer and a member of the QAA Appeals Committee. In 2001 David set up Dragon Education Solutions Limited. This business has engaged with a large number of private sector providers in the training of staff and in the preparation of documents prior to QAA Review.

Dr Alison George

Dr Alison George has an excellent experience of quality and quality enhancement systems in a number of contexts. She also has undoubted expertise in curriculum development and the assessment of students, which includes monitoring the quality of examining. Dr Alison has recently worked with a number of centres in advising them on revisions to their teaching approach, with the focus on learning rather than teaching. She has been commended for her staff development work in centres looking to establish and/or enhance their provision.

Dr. Shadman Pajouh

Dr. Shadman Pajouh is working as a Senior Lecturer of Human Resource Management (HRM) at Teeside University. She holds a BA (Hons) in Accounting from Karaj Azad University in Iran, a Masters in International Business and a Masters in Research in Business and Management from Hull University. Dr Shadman-Pajouh was a practicing accountant in Iran, and was a Financial Manager for Raymend & Amp; Co until 2003, before leaving for the United Kingdom to pursue her further education. She worked as a gaming and non-gaming supervisor for the Rank Group until 2010 and also Durham University as a Persian cataloguist in charge of Professor Ann Lambton’s collection from 2010.

Her area of research is diverse, and includes HRM in the Middle East, Gender and Tourism, International Management, Cross Cultural Management, Language and Translation and its effect on organisation in the global context. She welcomes research collaboration in the area of culture and religion in relation to international management and HRM, absorptive capacity and knowledge transfer, gender and tourism, and language and translation in the International setting.

Dr. Mr Ralph Lewis

Mr Ralph Lewis, an accredited Learning Facilitator/Programme Director at London Business School, helps people lead from their strengths to perform their best. His focus is on people and organisations which need better leadership to implement business strategies and improve performance. Ralph’s experience is international within a wide variety of sectors and organisations and at all levels. He is an author of a number of internationally respected books.

He worked as an engineer initially, and then moved into lecturing at Cranfield School of Management. He was a Senior Management Adviser for four years consulting for numerouscompanies. He also ran MBA options, short courses for managers and researched organisations and careers. He was an Associate Director at Harbridge House and now runs his own consultancy. He has worked at all levels and most sectors in industry, from Board to supervisory and shop floor levels. Ralph has worked in Africa, the Far East, Hong Kong, Singapore and Burma, Australia and New Zealand, and in Russia as well as other European countries.
Ralph has written articles for journals such as Personnel Review, Strategic Change andInternational Journal of Manpower on subjects such as career development, organizational functions, change and individuals, assessment of personality, competency assessment, complexity theory and organisations, and many aspects of Jungian typology. He has also co-written two books on management development, Individual Excellence and Management Development Beyond the Fringe. Other titles include training manuals on Teamwork and Time Management for Kogan Page.. He has recently co-edited a book on Servant- Leadership

David Lee MBE

David Lee MBE, is highly-experienced professional with a background over 38 years working within the Armed Forces in leadership and management roles. He is well-versed in managing, developing and coordinating large teams worldwide to deliver exceptional service and productivity levels with a drive to continually improve processes for efficiency. He has also served as an instructor who has led various battalions of British military in UK and all over the world. His biggest achievement was to lead the integration of Afghan Officer Training Academy in Kabul to the Afghan National Army.

Mr Hariss Pervez

Mr Hariss Pervez is a senior leader who has 15 years experience in the further education sector, currently responsible for managing a variety of programmes at CECOS. Over the past few years Hariss has been instrumental in growing CECOS College’s joined up services of Further Education, Apprenticeships and Employability. With past experience of managing contracts within the Further Education industry and alongside his in-depth knowledge of the Further education sector, Adult and Higher Education, Hariss has overall responsibility of FE Operations within CECOS. Hariss has previously led on numerous ESF projects including Skills Support for the Workforce which involved working directly with the GLA in 2016 and showcasing his work to the Mayor’s team. More recently Hariss has been advising social enterprise organizations in growing their employability and skills arm.

Student Members of Advisory Board

Stefka Georgieva Nikolova (HND Business)

Mateenur Rahman Gous (HNC Business)

Josepha Esperance Tshitenzi (HND Business)